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We Believe HACCP is for Everybody.

We are your trusted HACCP certification experts. Our online courses, recognized by the International HACCP Alliance, offer comprehensive training in HACCP principles and regulations. With a commitment to excellence, we provide top-notch education and support. Join us to embark on your HACCP journey with confidence

We Provide Companies with Cost-Effective and Certified Training Solutions

Our collaborations with renowned training organizations, both nationally and internationally, enable us to provide a comprehensive array of high-quality resources for professional and personal skills development

We Enhance our Clients' Profitability by Guaranteeing the Competence of Their Employees

Every course we offer is certified by the IHA and comes with complete support throughout the entire learning journey.

15 Years and Counting

We have been serving the HACCP industry for a decade and a half!

#1 Customer Service

We take pride in our ability to respond promptly and accurately to emails, phone calls, and live chat inquiries.

500+ Companies

Throughout the years, we've provided HACCP training to more than 500 distinct companies.

We are here to help!

Our approach is to make training easily accessible, cost-effective, and pertinent. We firmly believe that contemporary training should be delivered through solutions that empower users to study at their preferred pace and comfort, free from any time constraints or material expiration dates, and without limitations on the number of testing attempts.

Carlos C

“The course is simple to access, easy to navigate and has just enough detail and resources to make it understandable but not overwhelming. The fact that is as complete as it as for the price and features provided is impressive. We will definitely use this platform again.”

Debra S


“The way these guys have set up the enrollment gives me the ability to assign access as needed and then the staff user can self create their account to begin the course. If is really a great way to do it”

Roberta P


I really like that the course is self paced, easy to navigate, has lots of useful resources to help us to prepare our facilities and staff for upcoming audits and day to day food safety activities. Very helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A: You can repeat a failed exam for further two times.
A: If you fail one or more sections, you need to repeat the whole exam.
A: Once you’ve completed the course and you’ve successfully passed, if you click your name in the top right hand corner of the learning software, you will be able to then click on “My Certificates” which will allow you to download your certificate instantly.
A: If the course was purchased by your employer and they put their name in the billing section of the registration than the profile will be in their name. Not to worry, if you edit your user profile you can change the name on file to reflect the correct one.
HACCPTraining.org - FAQ - Edit Profile - Change Student Name
A: Sometimes this can be caused by the browser or the device that you are using. If your certificate isn’t printing correctly, please feel free to reach out to support@vsreps-portal.com and we can issue you a new certificate at no charge.

A: Simply click the purchase now button select the type and number of courses you would like to take and enter in your credit card information. Purchase usually takes less than five minutes. Once it has been processed a pin and password are automatically sent.

A: All of our courses are in USD.

A: All usernames and passwords are instantly sent out via our account creation system. This system is triggered upon completion of your payment and logins are issued to the email address that you used on the payment page. Some company emails have strict rules on what is considered “Junk Mail” and what isn’t. If you’ve checked both your inbox, and your junk folder and have not received an email with your logins, please contact us and we can resend your login information.

A: Our courses have been used successfully by multiple regulatory and auditing bodies with their own clients to help them meet mandated HACCP training requirements for their food safety plans.

A: All of our courses with the exception of HACCP Basics for Food Handlers are recognized by the International HACCP Alliance, and are equivalent to a 2 day classroom course.

A: No, there is no negative scoring on the exam.