HACCP Training

Accredited, Affordable & Accessible

Our courses, accredited by the International HACCP Alliance, offer user-friendly content with unlimited test attempts and no time constraints for completion.


HACCP for Processors and Manufacturers

USD $200 

The course curriculum consists of 11 units of approximately one hour of content in each unit on how to meet government, industry and auditor requirements for the development and application of a working HACCP plan and the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices to support your plan.


Buy courses as per your convenience with no time constraints for completion and unlimited exam retries.

Completely self-enroll, purchase and use as required, no need for assignment upon purchase.

Content is readily accessible, navigable, and presented in a user-friendly manner suitable for diverse audiences.

Who is HACCP Training Ideal For?

Accredited, Affordable, Accessible

Gain instant access to IHA-recognized HACCP materials through our online training platform, available anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re at home, work, or on the go, our courses are designed for maximum user flexibility and ease of use. Plus, they come complete with a variety of links and supporting documents!

HACCP Training

Any Organization

We are capable of providing certification to organizations seeking GFSI, SQF, or BRC standards.

HACCP Training

New Hire Orientation

Ensure that new hires are knowledgeable about potential risk sources and equipped to mitigate them effectively.

HACCP Training

Prepping for an Audit?

Have training gaps? Our self-paced courses offer instant access, allowing you to address those deficiencies.

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