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Introduction to Preventive Control Plans

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Introduction to Preventive Control Plans

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The PCP course is an interactive, online course which will inform food and beverage businesses of the Safe Food for Canadians Act, food safety hazards and preventive controls. Having a written Preventive Control Plan can increase food safety alignment within international standard.

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This interactive self-paced course will increase your awareness and understanding of the proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, its impact on your business, and Preventive Control Plans (PCP). Learn about why Food Safety and Traceability are the foundation of all HACCP-based plans, and how we all share a greater responsibility to insure the safety of our food. This course will introduce you to the concept of preventive food safety controls, what they are, how they fit in with your business, and if your business is required to have a PCP. We will cover how controls are developed and how to approach implementation of the new or updated plan. This is a great course for food businesses, importers, exporters, processors, retailers, food safety experts, consultants and those who need an overall understanding of both the new proposed CFIA regulations, licensing, and origin based concept of PCPs. This course will provide you with practical training on how to get started.


Who should attend?

This course is applicable to all industry personnel in a food processing plant who want to improve their knowledge in food safety and preventative control plans: owners, supervisors, production personnel, sanitation team, labelling and packaging, plant manager, health and safety team, food safety team, etc.


Learning Objectives:

Completion of the Introduction to Preventive Control Plans course, participants will gain and develop the following knowledge, and skills:

  • The importance of food safety and preventive controls
  • Develop a working knowledge of Proposed Safety food for Canadians Act and Regulations
  • Understanding the concept and requirements for food traceability under the proposed SFCR
  • Understanding preventative Food Safety Controls relating to People, Facility and Plans
  • Understand what a Preventive Control Plan is and how to determine if a PCP is required for their business
  • Understand how to develop, implement and maintain a Preventative Control Plan
  • Using techniques for gathering information through interviews, phone calls, text documents and electronic sources

The goal of this training is to provide knowledge on food safety, understand the Safe Food for Canadians Act, develop and understand Preventative Controls Plans and how to maintain and implement them.


  • Food Safety in the food and beverage processing industry
  • Shared Responsibility between government and business food safety
  • Safe food For Canadians Act and concepts
  • Food tracebility
  • Preventive Food Safety Controls
  • Preventive Control Plans
  • Developing PCP
  • Implementing PCP
  • Maintaining PCP