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Anthony Probert

With a rich history spanning nine years, Anthony has been an invaluable asset to HACCPTraining.org. As a dedicated professional in course production and IT-related support, Anthony has played a pivotal role in enhancing our online training offerings. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering quality education, Anthony continues to contribute to our mission of promoting food safety and excellence in the industry.

Among the many challenges present in the global food production environment is the ability to hire and train staff affordably and affectively. One of the tools to ensure the foods being produced, are being received, stored, prepared, and served safely- is a HACCP plan. A working HACCP plan helps to identify risks from your suppliers, your facility, staff behaviors and poorly executed food production practices that can be crucial to your business success and you patrons safety.

Why Online?
Course costs, time and travel, work down time. are all part of the hidden costs of offerings. While there are many options to train your staff in HACCP, we offer some significant advantages to traditional providers. Our model does not restrict participants to a particular time and place. Our materials are accessible to anyone who has access to the internet and all materials can be viewed and completed on any mobile device. Our courses are fully self paced to allow users to proceed at their own pace and around their own schedule.

Benefits to well executed food safety program
Anyone looking to safely produce food items needs to make sure that they avoid incidents of foodborne illness and its consequences. A well executed plan can also provide significant benefits from a safety, quality, and cost perspective. Many of food safety best practices used to control hazards also positively impact product purchasing, handling, rotation, and finished product quality.

International HACCP Alliance Certified
HACCP training.org is an online training platform designed to provide anyone working directly producing food or indirectly shipping or storing food items, the training they need to work safely in and around food items. HACCP for Processors and Manufacturers meets the 2-day 16 hr equivalency requirement from the International HACCP Alliance. Our courses are designed to provide new and experienced staff the information they need to safely perform their job, as well as take an active role in identifying possible sources for current or new hazards. As an IHA recognized course, it is a cost-effective way prepare employees to meet SQFI and Primus recertification requirements.

Manageable Information-your pace
Divided into twelve units, our online self paced cloud-based training is available when and where it is needed. Simply complete the order page and an automated email is sent out with a voucher code for you or your employees to enrol under. Our courses provide a thorough review of the types of hazards workers might experience in food production, as a well as the steps they can take to prevent or control them. Our materials provide a full overview of the type of activities and documentation needed to support a plan, as well as a review of the pre-requisite steps involved in preparing a plan and the seven steps to implementing it.

Integrated resources
One of the most essential elements of a functional HACCP plan is the day-to-day use of documents to support your plan. Our online tools and resources provide a range of sample documents to review as well as clear instruction on what elements are needed create your own documents. While in course, we link to a range of government and industry resources to assist in the plan creation. To keep the student engaged we have a range of quizzes and practice activities to support key learning messages.

At HACCP training we have no time limits for completion, and we leave our training materials accessible as an ongoing internal staff training resource. At HACCP training we believe that quality food safety training should be accessible for everyone in an affordable, manageable, accessible platform.

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