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Traceability Systems in the Food Manufacturing Industry

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Traceability Systems in the Food Manufacturing Industry

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This course will discuss how food workers need to act, dress and be aware of food safety hazards and how they can prevent them. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to understand how GMPs support safe food manufacturing and your role in supporting GMPs. You will be able to identify food safety hazards and understand how food workers behavior and can have either a positive or a negative impact on food safety.

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A Traceability Program is a component of a food safety management system that provides evidence of compliance to a variety of regulatory, buyer and consumer requirements, both domestic or international. The information the Traceability Program provides makes management of product recalls fast and effective, reduces risks of a food safety crisis, and demonstrates that the processors is a responsible manufacturer. This course demonstrates how to develop and implement a Traceability Program for a food processing facility.

This course introduces users to the topic of traceability, examines the relationship between traceability and other food safety prerequisite programs and teaches how to design, implement and test the system to ensure it is fully functional.

Learning Objectives:

Completion of the Food Safety and Meat Processing 101 course, participants will gain and develop the following knowledge, and skills:

  • Importance of Senior management commitment
  • Understand GFCP Standard & Policies & Requirements
  • Understand the detail of the Scheme
  • The GF market & consumer landscape
  • Audit Report & Certification Process
  • Audit/Auditor Overview and requirements
  • Report writing
  • Dealing with non-conformities
  • Interactive workshops with case studies
  • What is celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity?
  • What is gluten?

Course Outline & Major Topics

  • Introduction to Traceability
    • What is Food Traceability?
    • Supply Chain Traceability vs. Internal Traceability
    • Traceability Program Records
    • Tracking the Supply Chain
    • The Value of Traceability
    • Traceability Training
    • Drivers for Traceability
    • Benefits of Traceability
  • What is a Recall?
    • Recall Programs
    • Causes of Recalls
    • Recalls and Traceability
  • The Food Supplier Approval Program and Traceability
    • Purpose of The Food Supplier Approval Program
    • Required Documents in the Food Supplier Approval Program
    • How the Food Supplier Approval Program Links to Traceability
    • Traceability Documents In Your Organization
  • Traceability Requirements in Canada
    • CFIA Traceability Requirements
    • Maintaining a Coding System
    • Future CFIA Traceability Requirements
  • The Traceability System
    • Traceability System Requirements
    • Types of Traceability Systems
    • Electronic Traceability Systems
    • Web-Based Traceability Systems
    • Challenges to Implementing a Traceability System
  • Steps In Designing A Traceability System
    • Step 1 – Gather Information
    • Step 2 – Decide What You Want the System To Do
    • Step 3 – Determine How Information Will Be Collected
    • Step 4 – Establish a Traceability Budget
    • Step 5 – Document Process Flow
    • Step 6 – Set Up Documentation
    • Step 7 – Prepare Personnel
  • Implement and Test your Traceability System
    • Testing the Traceability System
    • Performing a Mock Recall
    • Improving a Mock Recall
    • Traceability in the Food Processing Industry

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Quality Assurance Teams
  • Sanitation Teams
  • Food Safety Teams
  • HACCP Coordinators
  • BRC Personnel
  • SQF Practitioners