HACCP Training


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Employees looking to develop a formalized procedure where they can comfortably ask important questions and challenge old ways of thinking will find great value in Employee Dispute Resolution. Participants will learn: employee dispute resolution; meditation skills; what an effective peer review consists of; how to select a facilitator or panel, and what responsibilities are allocated to each; sophisticated communication skills, including questioning and probing techniques; and the valuable particulars of the hearing process, from inception to decision.
This one-day generation gap course explores the generational divide and shows how organizations can make diversity an advantage. It examines common terms and demographic breakdowns, what different generations expect in the workplace, and what recruiting techniques appeal to different generations. Supporting tools, such as succession planning, leadership, coaching, mentoring, and retention strategies, are also covered.
Leadership Skills for Supervisors takes a unique perspective on the hot topic of management skills. We’ve designed a one-day course that teaches participants the essential skills of leadership: communication, coaching, and managing conflict. Perfect for those who are new to a supervisor role, Leadership Skills for Supervisors provides lessons in prioritizing, planning and managing time; identifying your primary leadership style; determining ways to meet the needs of employees; and exploring ways to solve problems.
Giving Effective Feedback includes customizable training materials for today’s dynamic trainer. The course can be easily delivered as is, or can be tailored with logos, branding, and your own photos easily. Your one-time purchase of this courseware comes with guaranteed ease of use and the ability to print materials on demand, and includes a pre-assignment, assessments, and more.