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Gluten-Free Certification Program: Industry And Auditor Training

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Gluten-Free Certification Program: Industry And Auditor Training

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This course will discuss how food workers need to act, dress and be aware of food safety hazards and how they can prevent them. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to understand how GMPs support safe food manufacturing and your role in supporting GMPs. You will be able to identify food safety hazards and understand how food workers behavior and can have either a positive or a negative impact on food safety.

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The objective of this training is to educate auditors and consultants who are interested in the production complexities, government regulations and the required customer compliances, associated with producing food products with a gluten-free claim on the label. Managing gluten as a chemical hazard and the many hidden sources throughout the manufacturing process, will go a long way to informing those attending this course to better understand how to prepare for or conduct a meaningful gluten-free audit.

Learning Objectives:

Completion of the Food Safety and Meat Processing 101 course, participants will gain and develop the following knowledge, and skills:

Importance of Senior management commitment

  • Understand GFCP Standard & Policies & Requirements
  • Understand the detail of the Scheme
  • The GF market & consumer landscape
  • Audit Report & Certification Process
  • Audit/Auditor Overview and requirements
  • Report writing
  • Dealing with non-conformities
  • Interactive workshops with case studies
  • What is celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity?
  • What is gluten?

Course Outline & Major Topics

  • Gluten-Free Certification Program
    • Approved GFCP Auditor 3rd Party Designation Requirements
    • What is Celiac Disease and what is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity?
    • Celiac vs. Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
  • Gluten and Government Regulations About Gluten
    • What is Gluten?
    • Common Sources of Gluten
    • High Risk Foods Containing Gluten
    • GFCP “Gluten-Free Oats”
    • Why “Gluten-Free Oats”?
    • GFCP Meets Global Regulations
    • Canadian Regulations
    • USFDA Regulation
  • Testing & Validation Considerations
    • Gluten Testing Methods
    • Limitations of Testing
    • System Review and Update
    • Internal Audits
    • Determining Conformity
  • Program Requirements
    • Type of Facilities
    • Dedicated Gluten-Free Facilities
    • Non-Dedicated or Shared Gluten-Free Facilities
    • Types of Audit
    • Facility Risk Exercise
  • Eligibility Requirements
    • Management Commitment
    • Prerequisite Programs
    • Transportation, Purchasing/ Receiving/Shipping & Storage
    • Labeling & Mass Balance
    • Personnel and Employee Training
    • Recall Traceability
    • Gluten Control Protocols
    • HACCP Principles
  • Audit Reporting
    • Audit Steps & Scope
    • Scope Categories
    • Schedule “A”
    • Audit Report
    • Company Profile
    • Proof Reading
  • Certification Process
    • GFCP Status
    • Approved Auditing Companies
    • Brands Produced in a GFCP Recognized Facility

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Owners
  • Management and Supervisory
  • Quality Assurance Teams
  • Sanitation Teams
  • Food Safety Teams
  • HACCP Coordinators